Saturday, September 20, 2008

A little help!

Hi guys,

How many of you have noticed what happens to the food that is laid out for us for lunch in our companies, after we finish? We dont normally notice, even I wouldn't have, until one day when I happened to go into our canteen for water at around 2.30 p.m., and to my horror, found quite a lot of food that was left over in the containers (and Im not talking of leftovers here), was being thrown into a plastic bag for disposal. What a sheer wastage of food in a country where there are so many people who dont even get a square meal a day!

I decided something needed to be done about this, and then I recollected reading somewhere there were some NGOs who voluntarily collected extra food from places and distributed it among the poor people. I did a quick net search, uploaded my query to karmayog (an NGO listing site), and sure enough, got a response from a gentleman who knew quite a few of these NGOs, and put me thorugh to one of them. I talked to them, and they were more than happy to enter into an arrangement whereby they would come to our office every day around 2.45, with their containers, and take the food to feed children who they took care of. This NGO is quite close to our office in BKC, so it suited both parties, and though only one week has gone by with them collecting extra food from our office, and the economic feasibility of the same is yet to be ascertained from their side, but at least some hungry children are getting to eat with a little help!

The reason for me telling you guys is not self-promotion, indeed, thats the last thing on my mind. But what I really want to achieve is bring about an awareness among our privileged generation that there are lots of people out there who are not as privileged, and that all it requires for you guys to start the same in your respective offices is, believe me, one hour of effort one day in googling for an NGO near your offices, and 15 minutes to talk to your office admin guys, trust me, there are always people willing to be associated with a good cause, they only need to be shown the way!

So, a humble request to all of you, try and implement the same in your offices. If you want, Ill share the number of the person who had contacted me initially, and also help you with the process. But only if you are interested!

Trust me, its a huge satisfaction to be got, particularly for those of us who keep complaining of not having job satisfaction!