Monday, June 8, 2009


Sometimes, life has this strange habit of throwing up perplexing issues and questions before us, questions which we often don’t have answers to, and on these occasions one has to wonder about what is right or wrong, and whether what happened was right or wrong.

A lot usually gets spoken about and written about love, over the centuries poets, writers and philosophers have put forth various views about this, many a story has been written, many a memorable character created, but at the end of the day, there still are a lot of questions left unanswered.

Of course, love in itself is a beautiful thing, weather changes pattern, colors seem brighter, people seem better, that sound of falling raindrops outside, that cool breeze, that holding hands with your loved one and walking in the rain, forgetting all your troubles and issues, and just that feeling that life is beautiful, that music in your soul, that look in the eyes, its all….magical! Something that every person should experience at least once in a lifetime, for it makes us a better person.

But, it would have been fine and perfect if it was limited to only that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t, and like everything else in life, there are two, or rather, many sides to this coin as well! Things become complicated, issues arise when you thought everything was perfect, and often things don’t end up the way we had envisaged. Sad, but I guess that’s part of what life teaches us, part of something that completes us as individuals.

They say that true love is not holding on to something/someone dear to you, true love is about letting go. Well, easy to say, but very very painful to do. I mean, you cant just overnight let someone go who was a part of your life and dreams till the other day, right? It tears you apart. But, again, part of life I guess. But the question that really arises is at what point do you let go? When do you decide that things have come to an end? Is there any end? Can you really end love? I don’t know, don’t have the answers to that one….

But, in any case, I think the best thing for us is to realize that its all part of a greater plan, and if we have undergone this pain, its for our own good. It’s a chapter added to the book of life, which we keep reading till the last day of our lives. At times we do feel a tinge of regret about what happened, we think what if I had acted that way and said that thing? Maybe things would have been different. Maybe, but that wasn’t part of the plan, that’s why that didn’t happen.

Maybe the best way to live is to live in the present, and not have any regrets about the past. We would still face those bends and crossroads of life where we are face-to-face with someone we held dear once, and we would still feel a sharp pain somewhere, but I guess that pain purges us, it makes us feel alive. And as for love, that’s something that never ends, it’s a part of who we are, and true love also doesn’t restrict us or constrict us, it actually does set us free, free to experience this beautiful world, free to love someone again, in that same passionate way, free to spread this feeling, and to see the goodness inside each and every one of us, to help the helpless, to love the shunned, and to lend a healing touch to the suffering, and to make this world a much much better place to inhabit! God bless!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

10 things I want to do before I die ....

I just thought about all those lists people draw up about the things they want to do in their lives, and so came up with the 10 things I want to do before I die (I am pretty serious about this list):
1. Write a book
2. Get a 6-pack
3. Jump off a plane
4. Go to North/South pole
5. Form a band, perform on stage
6. Open a shop/company
7. Shout at someone
8. Learn as many dance forms as possible
9. Enter politics
10. Meet Madonna